Poornatha is a capacity building organisation, in the pursuit of propelling nation's growth by empowering Individuals and Institutions. We partner with entrepreneurs to enable them gain confidence in decision making, and create and maintain a culture of trust. We aim at creating an overarching ecosystem by offering diagnostic tools, coaching, and a support system to enable MSME business leaders to identify areas of growth and increase the confidence to make effective business decisions.

We help bring about a holistic “Poornatha” transformation in both individuals and institutions for a renewed business outlook and amplified productivity.

Our Values

We breathe and live by our set of values, which we proudly call “Our Mantras.” These mantras provide clarity to the mind and are way of life. They help us tap into the essence of our being, thereby boosting us in our professional and personal pursuits by creating a transformation within, that leads to a transformation without. These mantras form the foundation of our identity as an organization and we strive to meaningfully reflect them in our day-to-day work and in our interactions with stakeholders.



Suresh T


Kaushal Singh R D


Growing up, we witnessed both the struggles and growth of SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) entrepreneurs alike. We understood that the challenges of small and medium entrepreneurs are unique and requires a more nuanced approach which is different from what generally works for larger corporations.

Our own aspiration to take up entrepreneurship coupled with burning desire to support SME entrepreneurs gave birth to Poornatha!

Poornatha aims to make world class knowledge in entrepreneurship, leadership and business functions accessible to SME entrepreneurs in the form of small, bite sized, easy to use programs and service offerings.

Simply put, Poornatha is here to support entrepreneurs and leaders in every which way we can.

Our Mentors

Dr Bharath Krishna Sankar

Chief Mentor – Poornatha

Chairman – Aparajitha Group

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Ms Durga Krishnamurthy

Mentor - Poornatha

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Mr Nagaraj Krishnan

Managing Director - Aparajitha Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd.

Mentor - Poornatha

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Mr Selvam R

Custodian - Poorna Family Office
Mentor - Poornatha

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Our Advisors

Ms Akhila Rajeshwar

Executive Director of TiE Chennai and Member of AICTE’s taskforce for MBA/PGDM course development

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Mr Dinesh Ramachandran

MD of TVS Logistics Services Ltd. and JMD of T V Sundram Iyengar & Sons (P) Ltd.

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Dr Venkatraman Anantha Nageswaran

Member of the Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council and Co-author of ‘Economics of Derivatives’, and ‘Derivatives’

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Dr Aravind Srinivasan

Chief Medical Officer at Aravind Eye Hospital and Founder of Livewell Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine

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