Poornatha is a capacity building organisation, in the pursuit of propelling nation's growth by empowering Individuals and Institutions. We partner with entrepreneurs to enable them gain confidence in decision making, and create and maintain a culture of trust. We aim at creating an overarching ecosystem by offering diagnostic tools, coaching, and a support system to enable MSME business leaders to identify areas of growth and increase the confidence to make effective business decisions.

We help bring about a holistic “Poornatha” transformation in both individuals and institutions for a renewed business outlook and amplified productivity.

Who we are

We started in 2017 through the efforts of a prominent entrepreneur and philanthropist, Dr Bharath Krishna Sankar and his team of young, dynamic leaders based in Madurai. They embarked on this journey with the noble intention of imparting their professional life teachings to entrepreneurs seeking guidance. What started as a simple talk soon spiraled into a comprehensive, interactive workshop spanning weeks aimed at creating competent business leaders. Our mentors and advisors have an acute sense of the business climate in the MSME sector, especially in Tier II cities. This puts us in a formidable position to perceive and better understand the challenges faced by such entrepreneurs.

Today, our first batch of entrepreneurs and their ascending growth charts in the past couple of years have made our chests swell with pride and is a telling example of Poornatha’s impact.

Our Values

We breathe and live by our set of values, which we proudly call “Our Mantras.” These mantras provide clarity to the mind and are way of life. They help us tap into the essence of our being, thereby boosting us in our professional and personal pursuits by creating a transformation within, that leads to a transformation without. These mantras form the foundation of our identity as an organization and we strive to meaningfully reflect them in our day-to-day work and in our interactions with stakeholders.

Our Goal

The MSME sector has proved to be a force to reckon with in our nation-building journey. As per the latest available government data, this sector employs around 11 crore individuals and contributes 29% to India’s rapidly growing GDP*. The government envisions pushing the growth arising from this sector to 50%. For this to become a reality, the MSME sector needs to overcome the basic challenges staring them in the face, namely availability of finance, adequate knowledge, availability of technology, availability of competent team members, constraints pertaining to expansion and modernisation among others.

We realize that the challenges and the processes of the MSME sector are unique and therefore requires guidance to reach their highest potential. Our goal is to provide an end-to-end support system for the MSME entrepreneurs so they can develop the confidence to make better strategic decisions and create an engaging and result-oriented culture in the organisation.

* (Ministry of MSMEs - Annual Report 2018-19).


Our Founders

Dr Bharath Krishna Sankar
Founder and Chief Mentor

Dr Bharath Krishna Sankar is the perfect epitome of how a first-generation entrepreneur can build an organisation from a tier 2 city. He has a postgraduate in commerce and has earned the national gold medal in both inter and final year of Chartered Accountancy. He is also an Associate of the Institute of Cost and Management. His doctoral...

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Mr Nagaraj Krishnan

Nagaraj Krishnan possesses a number of qualifications across a wide spectrum. Having earned a graduate degree in Mathematics from The American College, Madurai in 1993, Nagaraj switched fields to pursue a Masters in Social Work with specialisation in Human Resources from the Madurai Institute of Social Sciences. He went on to complete his...

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Our Team

Selvam R



Suresh T



Kaushal Singh R D



Our Advisors

Ms Akhila Rajeshwar

Executive Director – TiE Chennai and Member of AICTE’s taskforce for MBA/PGDM course development

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Mr Dinesh Ramachandran

MD of TVS Logistics Services Ltd. and JMD of T V Sundram Iyengar & Sons (P) Ltd.

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Dr Venkatraman Anantha Nageswaran

Member of the Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council and Co-author of ‘Economics of Derivatives’, and ‘Derivatives’

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