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Poornatha is a next-generation nimble start-up with a young and growing team.

We are always on the lookout for people with good attitude, curiosity to learn and grow. We value committed individuals who want to create an impact.

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Employee Testimonials

" My time at Poornatha has made me confident at my role and helped me perform to the best of my ability. I believe that I am becoming a better version of myself every day after joining Poornatha."

- Dinesh Kumar, Operations

“I started my journey 140 days back. This 140 days of work brought structure to my personal life and a strong approach focused mindset.  I love working around here! I find this journey to be incredibly challenging and incredibly rewarding at the same time !!”

- Mridula, Co-founder’s Office
(Intern to full time)

“I was excited by the friendly and collaborative culture at Poornatha. I always found the team supportive and ready to help. I gained hands-on experience in various aspects of business thereby widening my exposure and knowledge.”

- Palaniappan, Co-founder’s Office
(Intern to full time)

“Poornatha has a great work culture with loads of positive vibes. It is a place where your hard work and achievements are recognized. Every employee is treated the same irrespective of the hierarchy. The most special thing is that you can work comfortably, learn new things and progress along with the organization.”

- Roopa, Operations


  • Get first hand experience in real business roles
  • Work side by side with specialists and businesses
  • Be entrusted with your own area of responsibility within the scope of projects or in day-to-day business
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Internship Testimonials

“I have been working with Poornatha for the last two years through the partnership between Poornatha and Ross school of business. My time at Poornatha has been great. I have learned a lot and it has been a great experience.”

Corey, Ross School of Business

“Thanks, Poornatha for having faith in me and building my enthusiasm to perform better. I will always hold my internship experience at Poornatha close to my heart”

- Vishwas Vaish, IIM Indore

“Honestly working at Poornatha has been refreshing and transformational experience. Poornatha has a great work culture of collaboration. The team was always ready to teach me and hear my perspective as well. There is this open exchange of information and collaboration that reinforces the culture of Poornatha.”

- Emma Kwenu Smith, Ross School of Business

“At Poornatha, I had the opportunity to learn from inspiring leaders and their wonderful teams. This internship helped me pick leadership skills, teamwork, dedication and challenged me to improve my skill sets. I am thankful to the Poornatha team for all the support and learnings they have enabled me through the internship program.“

- Jyothikamala R, IIM Tirchy

“It has been an incredible learning experience whether it may be through the countless people I met or the experiences I’ve had. Even though it was a WFH scenario the team at Poornatha ensured that we had a smooth onboarding process.”​

-Nihal Surin, Symbiosis

“I am glad and thankful to Poornatha for giving me an opportunity to be an intern. I would like to highlight the value addition that I got from this internship is immense and I feel a step forward from what I was before this internship.”

- Sivashree Kumar, MOP Vaishnav

“I had my first internship experience at Poornatha .I learnt a lot while interning here. I believe the culture at Poornatha will help them reach greater heights in the near future”

- Dhruvika Gupta, IIM Indore


Our programs reach business leaders across India (in their vernacular) at a scale never imagined before through our network of facilitators across India

Become a part of the journey in democratizing world class knowledge by joining our network now.

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Facilitator Testimonials

“I appreciate the impeccable planning and immaculate executions demonstrated by Poornatha. I must say the services they are giving to entrepreneurs is highly commendable.”

- Sreenivas

“Poornatha is a people first organization. Their meticulous planning and execution makes program delivery seamless.”

- Visalakshi

“Poornatha is very professional and the support extended by the staff is outstanding. I am very happy to be associated with them.”

- Narayanan

“My journey with Poornatha began somewhere in the month of November 2020. The team explained me about the facilitation requirement and briefed me on requirements of the client.. I underwent orientation program which gave me a clear picture about expectations. My sincere thanks to Poornatha for providing administrative and technical support”

- Rajendra