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Overview - Financial literacy

Countries % of Financial Literate Adults
United Kingdom
United States



56% Indians lack knowledge to effectively handle personal finances [source]

76% Feel that there's a need for more education in financial programs [source]

64% Young Indians are not sure of what to trust in financial instruments [source]

Our Solution

Equipping students and professionals with core life skill of financial prudence and basic understanding of capital markets

Who will benefit from the course?

Graduate students aiming financial independence

Working professionals starting early investments

Senior professionals reaping wealth creation

Key Takeaways

The 3 I’s of financial independence

The When, Where and How of Investing

Thumb rules for investing and expense management

What and How of mutual funds

Do’s and Don’t of investing

How are we different?

Available in
12+ vernacular languages

Easy to understand frameworks
designed based on first principles

Simplified and actionable insights
that are jargon free and digestible

Live sessions will improve
viewership count and impact

Delivered by experienced & trained facilitators
from diverse backgrounds

In the words of our B2B Partners

NSDL provide a host of services pertaining to dematerialization of assets with strong focus on investor education, One of our best investor education course - Market Ka eklavya

Mr. Narayan venkat
Vice President, NSDL

It is important to start investing early and this course shall truly be a starting point and the first step for many

Mr. Prashant Vagal
Executive Vice President, NSDL

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