Journey in Joy (JnJ)

A Business leadership program - by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs (In association with Michigan Academy for Developing Entrepreneurs)

Poornatha’s flagship entrepreneurial mentoring program helps you understand your business inside-out so that it gets reflected in incredible bottom lines and greater joy in business! By the end of this program the participant will master the 4C’s namely Confidence (in numbers, Emotional Quotient and Social Quotient), Communication (including listening to the unsaid), Commitment (persistence and patience) and Character (trustworthiness).


Poornatha’s Journey in Joy takes you through an experience that not only empowers you as a businessman but brings more awareness about yourself, situations, and your family.


We at Poornatha understand the importance of community and how it can contribute to an individual’s growth. The program leaves you with a community of like-minded individuals working towards a similar goal which helps you to share notes, network, and ultimately grow bigger.


Poornatha’s interactive program cultivates your mind to develop the skills and qualities needed to lead and guide your business to success. We help you to create value in yourself and your company. See yourself coming out of the program with sharpened entrepreneurial and life skills and an attitude that inspires actionable change.


We empower you with in-depth fundamental and technical know-how so that YOU can own your numbers and profits without depending on anyone else’s judgements and decisions.

The Journey Description

The entrepreneurial mentoring program aims at enabling the participants to gain confidence in decision making and create and maintain a culture of trust in their organization. This 16 sessions course spread over 14 months has simplified modules that are comprehensive and relatable to all aspects of your business. The module draws from the best teaching and learning practices as recommended by the Centre for Research for Teaching and Learning, University of Michigan, (USA) and Course Design Structure, Centre for Teaching Excellence, University of California Berkeley (USA). ‘Simple, yet world-class’ best describes Journey in Joy. A world-class approach deeply rooted in simple fundamental values.

Who Trusted Us?

Our maiden journey was undertaken by 27 entrepreneurs across a wide spectrum of sectors - agro-processing, trading, export houses, human resources, and manufacturing to name a few. These entrepreneurs came from family-run businesses, small and medium enterprises to multi-crore companies. Irrespective of their backgrounds, each of them, armed with the Poornatha Power, has clocked a discernible surge in their profits last year.


The Journey in Joy program gifts you with additional leadership artillery such as Business Roadmap and the Poornatha Assess that profiles your company and decodes it’s strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats so you can take decisions with confidence on your journey to Greatness. So buckle up and get ready to be a LEADER, not just the boss!