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Our products and services foster entrepreneurship and address MSME challenges through 'Prevent, Assess and Enhance' approach


Journey in Joy

A Business leadership program - by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs.

Our flagship program bundles entrepreneurial finance and mantras for holistic development and dramatic transformation.

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Business Roadmap

We help you unlock your true potential with a three-year plan so you can truly OWN YOUR COMPANY AND NUMBERS.


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Structured Leadership Support

Organisational design, diagnosis of existing leadership and HR challenges for organisational development and HR solutions in terms of KPO and shared services. (Beta Version).


Poornatha Assess

A powerful assessment tool in collaboration with the prestigious Michigan Academy for Developing Entrepreneurs that gives you a quick insight at areas that need your urgent attention. (Coming soon)


Software assessment tools to compare forecast and actuals that will enable you to take remedial actions at the appropriate time (Coming soon)





Consulting capabilities

Specific need-based corrective recommendations and solutions


Virtual Board

Get the advantages of having a corporate board for your business minus the complexities. A select panel of expert entrepreneurial minds at Poornatha, act as an ad-hoc virtual board.

Our Expertise

Our expertise spans across three core areas that form the basis of entrepreneurship and leadership: Financial Management, Human Resource Development and Change Management Processes. With our expertise and services, we convert your needs into actionable deliverables to ensure that your businesses succeed.

Financial Management

Our team has over 30 years of combined domain expertise in auditing, financial statement preparation, financial analysis, and other accounting services. We will help you develop acumen to appreciate your numbers, prepare and analyse your financial statements, and draw insights on the performance of your business so that you can take well-informed business decisions.

Human Resource Development

With extensive experience in workforce management and HR development, we collaborate with local and foreign partners so your company can adhere to professional standards. Our aim is to create a positive work culture that improves collaboration, accountability, and efficiency for your organization and fosters trust and empathetic professionalism.

Change Management Process

Our team comprises of successful entrepreneurs with sustainable organisations. Our mentors have not only observed but also practised the best possible methods for a leader to prepare, manage, and reinforce change on a personal and organisational level. Our offerings include mantras rooted in a culture that explores themes of personal development needed to drive change.