IND DOST program educates front-facing staff to boost digital adoption through user-focused storyboards, guiding them through real-life sales scenarios for an enhanced banking experience.

Who is it for?

Speciality of the Program


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"I feel the content was simplified, making it easy that anyone can understand. It was delivered with clarity within the given time frame.”
-Mr. Siva, Shubalaya silks, Coimbatore ( batch 1)


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"The discussion and interactions were very informative. I thank the facilitator for providing instant answers."
-Mr. Balasubramaniam


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"The matrix tool assess our people was very useful and informative. Through this learning, I realized that my staffs are 75% in yellow category. I have to bring them to green."
-Ms. Parimala (Batch 2)

Key Takeaways

Realise Digital Changes

Evolving Customers

Categorize Stakeholders

Guided Digital Adoption

Our Success Stories

I should start thinking like a customer rather than as a staff so that I can understand the customer's problem and serve him/her better.

IND Dost Participant

I learnt about stages of digital adoption. I will use this to educate my customers.

IND Dost Participant